Recycling Centers

A application for use in the state of California which facilitates Recycling center operators with the Purchase and Reporting Requirements during daily operation. Purchase with multiple price points. Account for Cash with a cash reconciliation report. Create unique user profiles and passwords. Report on daily or Monthly purchases. Create DR6 shipping reports and much more.

RecycleOne®, when used in conjunction with our RecyclePop® system on the POP terminal or on a PC, will give your company’s management team the ability to see live reporting like never before. On hand material inventory at any location, revenue generated, monies paid out etc. At AMS247, we strive to give you the reporting capabilities you would expect from our world class software solution.

Features and Benefits

• Designed as a standalone Point of Purchase system, targeting the recycling industry.
• Able to function at remote locations where lack of power has always been an issue.
• We all know it starts with the material purchase; however, the data captured at this point is what sets RecycleOne® apart from the competition. Most reports required by your firm are readily available and can be extracted immediately.
• RecycleOne® uses a local Database and Uploads records when a connection is available, for data storage.  
• You can log in and view current transactions and history transactions.  


For remote locations with no power, this portable StarMicronics printer has been tested and approved by us.  Does Not Open Drawer.

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For locations with AC power, this printer has been tested and approved by us.  Supports open cash drawer capability.

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This cash drawer has been tested and approved by us.  Only works with AC powered printers.

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This Tablet has and Star printers work perfect with one another

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Samsung Galaxy A-7"

This tablet has been tested and approved by us.  Offers (WiFi + Cellular). Check with your service provider first if this tablet is compatible.


Samsung Galaxy A-7” 

This Tablet has been tested and approved by us. Only offers Wi-Fi connectivity not cellular capabilities. This tablet stand has been tested and works well.


Above TEK Stylish Aluminum Tablet Stand

This tablet stand has been tested and works very well.


First, we would like to thank your for the opportunity to work with you. The fact that you are reading this tells us that there is a little something missing and/or you have not found the solution your organization needs in order to grow and compete in today’s world. We appreciate this forward thinking approach and will work with you to fit your needs.

First let me tell you that we are not an off-the-shelf product. Most off-the-shelf products could not dream of doing what we do or offer you the solution we make available to your organization. We began as a “fit the need” product, for specific industries, and boy how that has changed. We now cover the service, manufacturing, recycling and construction industries and the future seems limitless. Our unique products will continue to lead us into the future. In our attempt to help our existing customer base deal with the lack of middleware and powerful accounting packages, we acknowledged a need that was not currently available-that is, expected to Fortune 500 companies with huge budgets. We tackled that need, even after we were told it could not be done: however perservance, determination and tenacity has brought us to where we are today and these qualities are what will take us into the work environment we will all have to fit into in the future. As a company, evolve or die is the only way to look at the future. Do not be fooled; if you do not change to meet exisiting and future needs, you will die on the technological vine! As you debate the changes your company needs, your competition is leaving you behind.

What we will continue to offer you now and in the future is the implementation of the most current hardware and software solutions available in the marketplace; a limitless software and hardware solution that can grow with you to wherever you decide to take your organization. We will continue to work with our hardware and software partners to bring you today’s and tomorrow’s technologies, keeping you up to date with the ever-changing technologies while keeping you connected-all of this while allowing you to keep your staffing needs in check an your growth unchecked.

Explore what we have to offer your organization, formulate some questions and call us to see how you can change and modernize your organization in ways you only dreamed of. All of this is being offered so that it will fit all budgets.


Alex Gonzalez
President & Chief Executive Offer,

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